dental tips for cleaning carb

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Soaking a carb in carb cleaner softens but does not remove varnish. I've just purchased G.U.M. fine brush tips for cleaning between teeth. These have tough fibre bristles and will be great for cleaning channels in the carb. Manufacturers do not recommend you insert anything into a jet, though. I used rubber tips one time but they partially dissolved in the cleaner and gas.

This is just another fine example of the many, many helpful posts Harold deleted to promote his image of me. However, I bare absolutely no hard feelings and wish Harold and all here well. Oh, by the way, do they have G.U.M. fine brush dental tips in the U.S. or is the evidence of dementia on the forum caused by infection of the brain through neglect of dental hygeine?

Peace. Targaped of the sweet breath and clean carb.

dental tips for cleaning carb


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