1980 Garelli Rallysport

so i picked up a rallySport identical to this one over the weekend:

the only diff being that this one, and half the others in the photos section have some kind of translucent tube looking thing underneath the fuel tank. what is this thing?

Re: 1980 Garelli Rallysport

not sure but moby's sometimes came with a tire hand pump that attached under the tank belly. probably the same thing.

Re: 1980 Garelli Rallysport

this thing's got some kind of liquid in it... here's a better view of one:

my gas tank has like a little nozzle at the top that bends down... very mysterious.

Re: 1980 Garelli Rallysport

mystery solved, i think...

Re: 1980 Garelli Rallysport

Yup, it's injects oil into the gas tank with a hand pump for when you fill up at a gas station.

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