info on buying a 76 honda on a 76 honda

Sorry if my first post is on the wrong category.

I have an opportunity to buy a honda moped. It is from an old fellow up the street I trust. He thinks it is a 76. I only seen it once. It is blue, and has white fenders. the front fender wraps over half way around the wheel i think. It has 244 miles,and is almost like new shape from what i remember the only time i seen it.

I am wondering what is a fair price for this?

Also...there is a girl at work with a 49 cc new scooter. would i be able to keep up with her?

Re: info on buying a 76 honda

Are you sure of that year, since i do not think Honda made a moped that year. The scooter may do 40 mph and this honda moped may do 30 mph if you are lucky.

Re: info on buying a 76 honda

mod for mod the scooter will always win.

Re: info on buying a 76 honda

IS THIS it? I eclosed an attachment of a 1967 honda moped.


Re: info on buying a 76 honda

I only seen it once. The guy thinks its a 76, maybe a 72. It is in that era for sure. He called me out of the blue about it.

I suspect he is sick. He is asking 800. Even as a collectible, I could put it in my bedroom now that I am single again lol.

I have no idea. But I used to ride dirt bikes growing up. I live in a city where everything is within 10 minutes. 15 on a moped.

But...I can buy a new scooter for about 2000 I think.

I don't want to miss a good deal, but don't want to waste money either.

Gas is killing me in my pathfinder.


Re: info on buying a 76 honda

I only seen it once...but that is pretty close. I thought the fender went further around on the front. As for how it runs, I dont know. 244 new? i don't even know when it was last started. I never seen him drive it.

Re: info on buying a 76 honda

actually.. i look at the pic again. i don't know. the colours are right. i don't even remember where the motor was. the guy is 72, but he says he thinks it is a 76 or 72. is there a price guide anywhere? cause i do remember the shape it was in. i'll try and find out more tomorrow.

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How about this attachment i enclosed of a 1972 honda moped. You can get a Kinetic TFR 2005 NEW old stock moped shipped to you for $949 or less and there is a four stroke engine moped with electric start for around $900 shipped. Make sure what ever you buy has or had pedals on it. Do not buy a scooter.


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Thanks Patrick. I think that is more likely it. Why buy one with pedals?

I know the exercise and all.

But are they more collectible? are there different rules for licence and insurance etc.

I wasn't even thinking of a moped or scooter, but I like biking and the cost of gas is right. I also like antiques, and was thinking of using it like a decoration in the bedroom...

Maybe I'm getting old...I am. It mainly seems to me like to good a deal to pass up with the shape it is in and 244 miles. If I had it I am sure I would use it sometimes just for fun.

Re: info on buying a 76 honda

MOPED ARMY is all about real mopeds that had or have pedals. If it does not have pedals it would be a noped, or a scooter.You need to check your local laws to see the rules for licence and insurance.To anyone on here, a moped with pedals would be looked at as more collectable.Any moped older than 1975 is collectable in my eyes. Nopeds are liked by some members, but someone who rides a scooter looks like they are sitting on a toilet bowl and we here at MOPED ARMY do not want people seen in public sitting on a toilet bowl.

Re: info on buying a 76 honda

this one has pedals :)

thanks... if i get more info tomorrow i may ask for more help.

sounds like 75 and 76 is a difference.

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