Two mopeds for $100! SCORE!

I got lucky on lunch and something inside me said, "Hey, go check craigslist for mopeds"

Well, I found one five minutes after it was posted. A 1978 Sachs Balboa and a 1982 Yamaha something.

They looked to be in great condition so I called the guy and told him they would probably be mine, or at least for the Denver crew. Just gotta get them home and check them out.

Pictures later.

Re: Two mopeds for $100! SCORE!

I have been watching all day, didnt see them. Congrats man, nice score.

Re: Two mopeds for $100! SCORE!

That Yamaha is a noped, since they never imported a moped into the United States.

Re: Two mopeds for $100! SCORE!

could be a yamaha chappy lb50 which is a moped

Re: Two mopeds for $100! SCORE!

Yamaha LB50 is a noped, i just looked in the photo section to be sure. I think Yamaha was the one who ran an anti moped ad.

Re: Two mopeds for $100! SCORE!

Stoops the only Stoops /

Jesus people, It's a yamaha. who cares. Anyway, he beat me to it by two minutes. Who cares, we have the power and money to rebuild both and re-sell them to the Denver Cool people, Kyle good eye, good eye. Bring em over soon if you want help. Making money and helping Denver peders ride,

the spokes.

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