white smoke

Ok when I ride my moped sometimes white smoke comes outta the exhaust pipe. What is wrong??

Re: white smoke

chuck russo va /

too rich of a oil to gas mix or transmission seal

Re: white smoke

Mopeds can smoke a little....It doesn't mean there is a problem.

Re: white smoke

do a plug chop to see if you are running rich. but if it's just a little bit of white smoke once in a while, don't worry about it. it's probably nothing but just some dirty tranny oil or something. switch that out, it should be better. but mopeds do smoke a bit (that's why they have exhausts). but if it's a lot of white smoke (or any color) and all the time, then you have to start troubleshooting.

Re: white smoke

if it aint smoking, it aint running. Nothing's wrong unless your moped uses a 4 stroke engine.

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