Re: Guard rails guard ... and cut

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i don't want to see a pic of you playing with your petcock. i know you're bored but what the heal...

Re: Guard rails guard ... and cut


bike is fixed.. new pedals.. a fresh wash.. and some de greaser.. makes it shine.

im heading over to the local bike shop then to the hardware store for some new parts. that i need to get to fix some minor stuff..

but freshened up the air in the tires.. mixed some more gas. and im back in action.

stitches come out thursday. then off to the beach.. where i will not have my moped.. bummer. but i 'should' heal up some more before i do anything..

all in all... it was a life changing experience

Re: Guard rails guard ... and cut

Perfekt Timing Angel /

Yey for the indestructible Garelli!! Yey for the indestructible Drew!!

Glad to hear you're healing up nicely, homers. Looking forward to seeing you rip on that thing real soon!

Re: Guard rails guard ... and cut

be there july 19th

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