what model is this?

im gunna buy this for 25$ doesnt run

if i get it running can i tune it?

is it a chaly?

what year?

thanks for the help


Re: what model is this?

Honda 1981 PA50-II

I'd buy it for $200. Even if it doesn't run


Re: what model is this?

can i find performance parts for it?

should i spend the 25 bucks on it?

thanks for leeting me in on what model it is

Re: what model is this?

that is a Honda pa50I. Moist likely 1978 or newer. Double check the id plate to see if it's a I or II. The II is absolutely wonderful, it's pretty fast stock and is very tunable. Most likely being red like that means it's a pa50I, which is the 20mph version. It is well worth $25 and then some. They are not nearly as tunable but you do have some options. I used the ramp plate from a model II variator and mine does 27 and rides like a dream. You can also pick up a PA50II engine on eBay and slap it in there and have a red model II that way. Basically for $25 GET YOUR ASS DOWN THERE AND BUY IT! You can ask questions later.

Re: what model is this?

could i at least find a nice deep sounding exuast?

Re: what model is this?

this thing is most likely a pa50II, they started mixing the colors in the 80s. you can see that seat and blinkers, it is newer than 78 for sure.

did you already buy this? i'm going to if you didn't!

Re: what model is this?

It has a CDI Unit and is Red, Which makes it a 1981

Re: what model is this?

yeah man, you can get 70 cc kits for em and stuff.



i think there was a leo vince exhaust made for it, too. it might be hard to find though.

Re: what model is this?

wow, i found you a leo vince exhaust. its on ebay though, so you'd need to buy it asap, before the auction ends.


Re: what model is this?

Dude, it's $130... this guy is contemplating whether or not $25 bucks is worth it for the bike (WHICH IT IS, YOU'RE PRETTY MUCH STEALING IT.)

Re: what model is this?

Re: what model is this?

oh, eschuk. i realize that now. but, he asked if he can find performance parts for it, so i was showing him whats availible.

Re: what model is this?

dude, 25 bucks is good for anything.

buy this before a crank steals it.

Re: what model is this?

i emailed the guy about it

he hasnt got back to me

but yea im definitly gunna get into the moped scene

thanks for the help everyone

Re: what model is this?

no, it's a moped, it will only achieve different levels of "Chainsaw" noise. I hope your asking this now that it's sitting in your garage. What you can get are different exhausts to improve it's performance, but it will always have that eager beaver buzz!

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