Adding to the Stable

I want to add a 2008 Tomos Sprint to my collection of 'peds. Whom should I buy it from? This one I'm going to leave bone stock as my daily.

Peace b with u

Re: Adding to the Stable

Good luck finding one! From my understanding. just about everyone is sold out of the Sprint, St, and revival( Waiting list on the revivals). So, it not a question of where you buy it. it's question who has one.

Good news I hear that Tomos USA is getting a shipment of new bikes at the end of July. And that the sprint has added silver to it line. Find your local Tomos dealership and order yours .

Re: Adding to the Stable

Thats the problem, no local dealers anywhere in the state of Texas. I havent noticed on any of the sites like Heeters and such that they are out of stock. Hmmm?

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