On my 99 kinectic i have a some what home made muffler. It is a lawnmower replacment muffler with copper tubing going fromthe cylinder to it. I was wondering if this muffler was good or bad for the bike and if it did anything to make it perform better? Thanks.

Ps. read down to see the story of this bike.

I recently acquired a 1999 kinetic tfr, for 10 BUCKS!!!!!!. YEA what a score. Here the story one of my friends had botten it form a guy who had crashed the bike the 2nd day he had it, the guy was hurt somewhat badly, so the moped was thrown into his back yard bent and beat up. My friend bought it form him for 75 bucks considering all it did was peddle, and give u a sore arm casue the fork was so bent it wanted to lean to the . He brought it o me i fixed it up enough to ride, but it went about 10 mph casue the belt was in very bad shape, i have no clue how? So he messed it up agian really bad, so i bought it off of him for 10 dollars. ANd i have put aobut 100 into it for a new back tire, lights and casings/lens, belt, and spark plug and fuel filter. IT runs about 30-33 mph, but it sometimes four cycle, i have played with mixture screw on it for hours.

Re: Muffler

well i dont know too much about mufflers..but lawnmowers are generally 4-stroke engines and the mufflers for them are just there to deaden the sound. 2-strokes work much better with an exhaust that is tuned to help exhaust get pulled out of the engine (cause 2 strokes dont have an exhaust stroke to push it out forcefully). If you have a bit of extra cash you might try buying a nice performance exhaust from one of the many online moped dealers around. My peugeot saw a noticable increase in power when I got a 70 dollar leo vinci exhaust. If you dont have cash, i remember reading somewhere in this forum about people talking about building their own exhausts.. Then again, 30-33mph isnt bad..mine gets about 25-27 unless you go along a straightaway for half a mile at which it barely reaches 30.

Re: Mixture Screw?


You won't make any changes in the mixture since those carburetors used on the Kinetic only have an idle screw. They are a copy of the Delortto used on the Vespa. A Vespa moped manual will give you an idea of how the Kinetic is built. The other difference is that TFR has electronic ignition, so no points to deal with.


Re: Mixture Screw?

Thanx again, do u know where i could find a vespa manual.

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