1978-79 Honda express help

Hi, I just got a 78-79 honda express for free is the orange color.

Heres the problem it's a complete basket case the engine has rust in the cylinder locked up, exhaust rusted off, wheels locked up, carb full of pineneedles and dirt, all the cables are missing, headlights gone, seat is missing and seat pan is completely rusted off of base of frame, and gas tank is severly rusted inside, the oilinjector looks as if it's been plugged off, theres is a hole in the case on the right side by the stator. It's missing some other parts.

What would you do in a case like this.

Would you put the money into it and fix it up or save the cash and get something that is running?

How is parts availibility for these machines?


Re: 1978-79 Honda express help

Parts are very available on ebay, but I personally wouldnt mess with one in that kind of shape, just not worth my time. I'd part it out and buy something that, running or not, is in fairly decent shape.

Re: 1978-79 Honda express help

yeah thats not gonna be worth the price of restorations, you can get a minty fresh one for less than the parts to restore it would cost you.

Re: 1978-79 Honda express help

that bike is completely worthless. expresses are so easy to find, i'm sure with a little work you can find a RUNNING one for $50 or less. i've had 4 and never spent over $50.

Re: 1978-79 Honda express help

Dave Peterson /

If you part it out, I need the engine cover with the wind up starter.


1978-79 Honda express help

I got a couple motors I would sell. Clean the carb. Can sell you a seat pan that needs recovered. email if interested. Good luck finding any running moped for $50 but I am sure it happens.

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