Value of PA50II

I was given a 1980 Honda PA50II about 6 years ago. It has a windshiled, rear side baskets and was not running. It sat in my shed until a month ago and I took it apart to clean the carb and now it is in running condition topping out around 30MPH.

It is a blast to ride and I was wondering what the vaule of it would be. Any ideas? I've never seen one listed with the windshield and side baskets.

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I've never heard of a PA50 With a Windshield! Take some pictures, I wanna see how this was accomplished!

You can get between $400-600 for it i'd say.

Re: Value of PA50II

here is a picture of the windshield


Re: Value of PA50II

um...I think that's the wrong picture scott...

Re: Value of PA50II

it is trying to find the new one

Re: Value of PA50II

here is the correct picture


Re: Value of PA50II

toe fur threadkiller /

it's worth about $30.

i'll give you $50 for it. right now.

Re: Value of PA50II

Cool Honda!

That must be one fast mofo to need a windshield like that...

Re: Value of PA50II

hahaha, that first picture was hilarious.

Re: Value of PA50II

§ćŗάτçλmªřċ • /

is that first pic from an Obama rally?

as far as $ goes... it varies, of course. i paid $110 awhile back for a nice non-running PA50II (just needed a carb clean)... but there's a pristine one locally on craigslist that the guy's asking 1,500 for. (!)

good luck.

Re: Value of PA50II

Shoot me an email scott, I'm looking for a moped...located in Boston

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