Re: HAROLD can we vote targaped/zizz account delet

Stoops the only Stoops /

Harold, this is actually ruining the whole forums for me.



come on, use your magic powers.

Re: HAROLD can we vote targaped/zizz account delet

first of its "Et Tu, Brute?"

next i would like to move that harold lay the BANHAMMER on targaped because it really is getting ridiculous.


Re: HAROLD can we vote targaped/zizz account delet

Glad I wasnt the only one that noticed his poor latin.


You'd trip on the line, Moto

Your old pal Targ /

1/10,000 of an inch of chalk dust can be difficult to navigate.

Be careful.

Re: HAROLD can we vote targaped/zizz account delet

Reason # 5.498 why he needs to go:

That is WAY over the line.

Re: HAROLD can we vote targaped/zizz account delet

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

It's more amusing if you pretend that he's right, and you're harold..

Still bad.. gah.. Maybe we should all chip in and asign him a hacker or something..

Re: HAROLD can we vote targaped/zizz account delet

LOL! That's an excellent point.

Re: HAROLD can we vote targaped/zizz account delet

Edward Richardson /

I am beginning to question.

Did this so called journey even occur? The activities of late of this person are highly questionable and delusional. There is a basic contradiction in the thought processes inherent in the ridiculous over the top defense of the design and function of the Tomos oil injector system while equivocating the "discovery" of a flawed Tomos exhaust system with the second coming of Christ. The overt concern with deception and identity of members that any number of rally attendees can confirm are indeed quite separate individuals, calls into question this "persons" identity, "information", and activities. The supposed lack of knowledge of basic net language while claiming to be a "poet" and a borish inability to interact in a net community also points to a ruse. I call "Shenanigans".

Re: HAROLD can we vote targaped/zizz account delet

maybe it did happen, but just in his head, he could have just took a lot of acid, for all we know he thinks it really took place. its kind of sad.

Re: HAROLD can we vote targaped/zizz account delet

I agree with Stoops. Its shit like this that keeps me off the gen forum. Yeah, on occasion I feed the troll too, but this is getting fucking ridiculous!


Re: HAROLD can we vote targaped/zizz account delet

The best proof of his journey can (unfortunately) be found on the wiki.

I'm beginning to wonder if this isn't some sort of joke with him trying to see how riled up he can get us all. I mean, most people who have reached the level of crazy that he has apparently reached usually end up in a hospital, jail, or mental institution fairly quickly. Also, it's kind of convenient that, by changing his name over and over, it becomes nearly impossible to find all the posts authored by him. (Unless I'm missing some sort of way to search, but I've tried everything I can think of.)

I was searching earlier trying to get a better picture of everything he's written. I doubt I found even 10% of what he's posted, (a) because I can't remember his 300 name variants, and (b) Harold (thankfully) deleted a lot of them, but of the ones I've found, very few are actually helpful posts. Even when writes something that could be construed as "helpful" he includes a personal attack, a conspiracy theory, some sort of rancid pontification, or another of his ubiquitous references to his stupid journey. He has also personally attacked and libeled, vilified, or otherwise defamed probably 20 people at this point. I don't think any of us much care what he has to say about us, both because it's laughable and because we all know he's a crazy old coot, but it's getting old nonetheless.

I was under the impression that some of the main guidelines of this forum were that we should not post inflammatory statements and that we respect each other. I know those guidelines don't always get followed by everyone, but Targaped currently holds the #1 spot on the list of people who abuse that ideal.

If you guys want to give him a chance to change, whatever. Give him an ultimatum and attach consequences to it, though.

Maybe the accounts he currently has should be banned. If he really wants to change, he can create a new one and come back and prove that he's changed (much like Nate did). If he just wants to keep pulling the same old bullshit though, he deserves an IP ban, no questions asked.

targaped isnt wari

since this is has become ridiculous, here's one for you.

wari said good bye april 09. some of us had emails on april 10, saying she would be back in a few weeks. wari/dave's accounts disappear on the 13th. wari's chat picture is pulled april 14th. sabine baker's account is modified from being dave's wife to an anonymous person about a week later.

lo and behold, bob/targaped shows up on april 30.

i know, its just a coincidence.

if only bob/targaped had the wit, charm and moby know how of wari/dave.

Re: targaped isnt wari

he has a wit its just a diffrent type

Re: targaped isnt wari

For the love of god ban this assbag.

Re: targaped isnt wari

I’m beginning to wonder if this isn’t some sort of joke with him trying to see how riled up he can get us all.

i think we have a winner.

Honestly, I keep saying this, but the dude is not here for moped culture or scene. He is a plain shit stirrer plain and simple.

The whole wari/ dave thing was different, whole dif type of pathology going on there. Wanted acceptance over everything else, from everyone.

I keep saying this to the point of driving everyone nuts, but why do all the Trolls of this caliber Ride tomos's, and Endlessly demonstrate the ugly side of free speech?

Who has the time to sit around all day and be a troll?

Blackkat - for whatever reason unbenounced to us, wari/dave NEVER posted once after 11:00pm, thats what bugged me out from the beginning. Wonder how late targaped posts. Dif person though..

Linda, how do you know I'm not

Locked Up already .. and escaping /

I'm so cute you won't be able to resist.

Love you Love you Love you

eight days a week - 24 hrs/day /

Oh God, save me from too much favour towards mopeders who don't ride long distance trips

add a ' to the "persons" Banger

P.R. Ofessor /

Other than that, your elucidation was elucidustrious.

Re: Love you Love you Love you

I seen in the next long trip a 18 wheeler running you over and then you both blow up. =] and every one on ma taking our mopeds there and have a big mashmellow rost over your burning ped.

Pass me the bag

Yay .. Heavenly Days /


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