Definitely! Ban!

Get rid of him. He's just too damned smart for this forum, telling us how to properly do things. We don't need that kind of crap around here! Not only that .. he exposed Harold's dark side. But I understand he feels sorry for Harold, so maybe he's got some redeeming qualities afterall.

Open minds come with age

yours will open soon enough /

Maturity is wonderful.

A pleasure to hear

a nice, moderate voice /


Re: A pleasure to hear

***Kim Jong illest*** /

there ya see? you just defended the guy and look what he does. just made a big fool out of you. now you see? harold, what can be done?

Re: A pleasure to hear

remember the whole nate thing... how we all thought he was evil incarnate and all that shit... some terrible racist/sexist remarks?

he still posts on here, under a different name and identity, he's made a lot of good, useful posts about spartas, including helping some people find rare parts, and started contributing to discussion in a reasonable manner. people can change, and i think nate himself learned a valuable lesson from our community here. i like to think mr targaped will come around. it seems like a lot of the troublemakers we have on here simply haven't had much experience with internet communities and lack the manners and maturity to debate and mingle on here.

i think a few of us could also stand to realize that its the freakin' internet, nobody is forcing you to look at all his dumb threads, just let them die and the problem will go away. it seems like our community here likes to have a scapegoat every now and then, probably because its amusing to poke at a slightly irrational old man from several thousand miles away and watch him get all riled up. i cant say much, because i've done it myself a few times, all of us who keep checking these threads are just encouraging it. whatever, its fun sometimes.

Re: A pleasure to hear

i fully admit to finding shit like this amusing. i find it even funnier when everyone else gets the joke like the "peace.jerry" thing.

this is never going to be a board full of love, respect and open mindedness. its a board full of 16-25 year olds, mostly male, mostly sarcastic.

if we dont have the occasional douche bag to make fun of we start arguing with each other and thats no good.

Re: A pleasure to hear

I sitll say ban him...there are plenty of douchenozzles in the world, another will come around.

banning, maturity and shunning

its a free site. banning only stops one ip.

another account can be made.

nate turned over a new leaf and becoming sociably acceptable in MA. and nate was fairly viscious and as prolific. how or why he changed, who knows, but it is a general miracle.

fufu elected to leave after being asked to learn what he was doing wrong or simply modify his posting behavior. he was just an older gentleman who didnt have the social skills to understand proper interaction, annoying, but generally benign.

targaped is just as prolific and annoying, but not viscious like nate was. like fufu, he may lack the social skills to discern his transgressions, or he chooses not to understand every social faux pas. he has few good things to say at times, loves his moped, and potentially could be a constructive member of the community, but only if he chooses.

nate chose to learn. he stumbled at first, but he eventually figured it out. many do not recognize the name he uses now, and accept him wholeheartedly. a few have forgiven him. others are still wary. however, he is now MA socially acceptable.

fufu chose not to learn and chose not to modify his posts (no more than one post per thread. no new threads that are non moped related). faced with his inability to fit in and inability to change, he quietly and simply moved on.

targaped, from the responses in this thread, chooses not to change or learn, or doesnt know how. perhaps he is unable to see himself. age does not always endow one with maturity. he certainly hasnt shown maturity in his behavior. i believe that there still is a possibility for him to change/learn.

harold has limited time. for harold to chase targapeds threads down, and delete them as he did with nate would be horribly time consuming. targapeds notes of late are aimed at harold and a few others, who can handle themselves. nate was spewing filth on everyone.

if the MA community wishes to stop targaped, then shunning him may be the only way.

1. dont respond to any non moped or negative thread.

2. ignore his threads, dont even open them, dont waste your time of emotion

this would save harold some time if we all did this.

targaped may learn which behavior is acceptable if we only respond to him positively when he deserves it.

Subtle Cloning, Rei

post, Harold. Peace. Targ. /

If you aren't Harold, Rei, and for your information, Harold has been deleting my many, many constructive, informative, non-combative posts to further his promotion of me as a troublemaker. However, I now understand where Harold is coming from, and I have compassion for him, and that's all I will say about that right now.

Fun, yes, Graham old man

post, Harold. Peace. Targ. /

Every time I read the 'old man' thing I'm reminded that Harold first used the term, and Graham is probably Harold, but if not, and even if so, that this 'old man' just rode 7,500 miles through Canada, solo, unsupported by van or car or other moped or club, solo, and young people just buzz around town drinking beer and swearing and saying 'old man' and saying other people lack social skills while pissing themselves from drinking too much, and sometimes from pissing themselves laughing. However, I care for Harold in all his many identities, and that's all that counts.

Re: banning, maturity and shunning

to Harold let the actual posts stay and kill the spam ones simple.

targa u got a wit but u talk to much just shut up every once in a while and if some one wants a fight don't fight, u will get a bruise even if u win the fight. trust me if we r hell bent on doing something we do it and advise others to do so just live with it

Re: Subtle Cloning, Rei

i know full well what harold is doing targaped.

he is doing his job.

one wonders why you are making his job so hard since his criteria for deleting is very narrow and approved of by the founders of this site and by the MA community in general. you claim compassion, but dont show it in your actions.

i am female, and older than you.

i would expect better from you if age was the only criteria for maturity, but everyone is in their own place. i would wish that you could learn social skills that some of these guys half your age have. but your an adult, and either cant see the harm you do in your interactions, or find learning difficult.

Re: Subtle Cloning, Rei

how about this:

everyone just quits with this shit.

targaped - post shit that is relevant and helpful. if for some reason you do have an off topic post do what everyone else does. put it in the general forum (not the fucking moped repair or perfomance tuning forums) and start it with "OT" so people know what they're in for. everyone here posts off topic stuff, and i think everyone can agree that sometimes they like to read off topic stuff. BUT, when its every damned post it gets really annoying. there sure as hell arent many rules here, can't you just follow the two or three that there are?

everyone else - ignore his posts. everyone has been saying it, but it really does make sense. this is the last time i will read a targaped post. done with it. i know i was quick to vote for a permanent ban (not that my vote would really count being both unaffiliated with a branch and a noob), but that most likely wont happen. and if it does, it probably wont last long.

on a quick stabbing note, i would like to point out that while he says he doesnt have the time to post under 12 different names, he did take the time to post SEVEN times in a row just to instigate.

okay , i'm done.

I was posting normal posts

but Harold deleted them /

I was posting many informative, educational, helpful, etc. posts, but Harold was deleting them; so it became obvious to me that Harold likes me so much, and I like him, that he wanted me in brighter lights. Thanks, Harold old friend, and again, I hope you get out riding a lot this summer.

Re: I was posting normal posts

I vote for Wari to be the new moderator, Harold aux chiottes!

Nazy bastard

I tried hard to be good

Grandpoppa Wheelie T. /

The harder I tried, the more I was deleted. But I hold no grudge .. Harold did what was fun for him. We all need fun.

O Come all thee douchenozzles

Joyful and Triumphant /

O Come Ye O Come Ye to Bethlehem.

Re: I was posting normal posts

If you're disgusting enough to call someone a NAZI at least spell it correctly...

Re: I tried hard to be good

Well the you where trying to hard. If he kept deleted them why did you not just go and ride your "moped" some more. If you kept trying even harder to post something and the stuff you where posting was spam it gave him more of the right to delete it.

Re: I tried hard to be good

It sets a bad precedent to start permabanning those who are highly annoying. This guy might come around and become usefull.

Even nate came around. This guy is leaving soon, maybe he'll grow up on his trip.

In future, though, here's the pattern I notice:

A. Somebody makes a post with the best of intentions. (For targaped, it was about his trip. For nate, it was something about a chain.)

B. Somebody else flames them, either correctly or not (For nate, I hear it was somebody who just called him an idiot or something like that. For targaped, he caught shit because he was over-bumping)

C. The origional poster gets pissed off and causes huge problems and we have a giant bleeding troll on our hands.

I'm not blaming anybody, that's just what I've noticed. Usually these people seem to be doing it out of a sense of revenge.

Food for thought.


PS - Nate is a member in decent standing these days. So, you kinda have to be forgiving, because it doesn't happen often, but sometimes people turn away from the troll side.

Re: I tried hard to be good

can we just ban him and let him come back under a diff IP?

yes it's a public forum, but crazy people are often removed from public places if they act out. if we let him just rant on with no penalty, then he'll just rant on. if we give him a little smack when he's bad, maybe he'll think better next time.

some of it is pretty funny, but other stuff is creepy.

and we can't ignore him, we just won't.

Re: I tried hard to be good


I had a dream i was gonna come home from riding mopeds for 4 days and see that targaped had stopped.

Id just ban his ip address so that he has to ride his bike somewhere else ( like to the library ) to type this vile stuff.

I almost always agree with Rei -Blackkat becuase she is polite, patient and works on the side of sound behavior management. But it is not working. And this dude is posting way more posts then any of the previous wing nuts.

Just ban his ip addy so that he cant create 50 million names and keep coming back from the comfort of his own home.

Speaking of home anyone done any rearch into where this dude is from? Like does he have a congregation of folks around him that care about him enought to unplug the frigging internet on him and put him back on the toilet seat? Maybe they would be interested in knowing what he does all day, talking about Jesus while argueing and insulting others?

Just a thought

Re: I tried hard to be good

yeah, but everybody catches shit on MA at some point, otherwise your not drinking enough. only a couple of folks turn into trolls.

i got old geezered once and just shut up. no problem, new day.

Re: I tried hard to be good

***Kim Jong illest*** /

i dont know. the basis of this arguement for non banning is that targaped is justified for being an ass because someone flammed him? WHAT? so what your saying is, "oh its not his fault for going berzerk, someone disagreed with him". sorry but that sounds like a huge bleeding heart cop out. im not buying it. people make choices. ive caught shit before too. but you have to let it go. the nature of thousands of opinions in one place is going to be conflict. either you make the choice to be an adult, or you make the choice to be a fucking baby. targa chose to be a big whiny instigator. i mean its not like he said to himself, "its ok targa old boy, your an adult, dont let it get to you" NO! he decided to have a holy war against harold and all else who thought he was being an ass. turns out thats alot of us. and its not like hes just disagreeing with people, oh no. he goes out of his way to create 4 or 5 threads at a time to...ugh whatever. its all been said.bottom line, no sympathy because he got flamed. its NOT an excuse. if you dont draw a line, then theres no lines to cross.

Re: I tried hard to be good

No, no, no. Don't misunderstand me. I'm not defending what zizz is doing. I'm not saying he's justified. The reason I posted all that was because it seems to me that most trolls have a similar backstory Just something I found interesting, and should be considered.

I'm saying, if you start banning people, it could become a slippery slope. Everybody here complains about MRA being run by a ban-happy nutball.

I'm not saying Harold will be one, and I agree that if ANYBODY should be banned, it's targaped.


Re: I tried hard to be good

***Kim Jong illest*** /

i hear ya scott. the worst part of this for me is that hes sitting at home jerking off to all of the attention hes getting, which is why he hyped his trip thread in the first place. LOOK AT ME!

Re: I tried hard to be good

harold cant ban him because HE IS targapedzizzmotobrokaneharoldjerryelliotcrackstar



Re: I tried hard to be good

I'm a _relative_ newcomer (6mos.), so I've stayed out of this debate thus far.

Zizz/targaped - we've never had beef. But---

Your thousands of teardrops, be them borne of vengance or laughter, have flooded this forum, and caused a drowning out of the many other voices here.

That Harold has deleted or locked so many of your posts and still your constant drone gets on the nerves of a newcomer like me is evidence of your gluttenous overposting. Say whatever you want, but for that reason alone, I vote BAN.

It's amazing too, because I happen to remember one of your very first few postings, and I remember someone flaming you and the "villanous" HAROLD coming to your rescue. Something along the lines of "SHHHH - your talking to someone who did a 7,500 mile trip across canada. Show some respect..." To those that defend Targaped/zizz, remember that he may play Harold's victim well, but he started the war.


Re: I tried hard to be good


Re: I tried hard to be good

thanks for bringing it up. obviously i was wrong =(

"me defending targaped lol":

"shhhh. do your research. he does in fact have a moped. he took it on a 7500 mile trip across canada.

dude is just excited about peds and makes a lot of posts. all of us did that when we first came here."

and WOW on searching i found a post i totally forgot i even made lol. man i was stoned.

"Moped Poetry":

"Plug Chop Plug Chop Plug Chop" I cry!

"Until you learn to feel me,

you’ll have to do it by eye."

When its dirty and black its got the shits,

you have to much gas you are running rich.

When its hot and white, but looks pretty clean,

your bout to blow your shit up, youre running lean.

when soft seizing you will hear,

the motor goes waaaa ka ka klink.

the sound it makes is very clear,

the clunk you feel is very distinct.

When you ride hard on a nice cold night,

or take your filter off on a real hot day.

your motor starts to strain and fight,

yap yap yap it calls in dismay.

and then all of the sudden,

you gain 5 miles per hour.

and you start to wonderin,

from where came this power?

well that my friend… its the last little bit

of life you are squeazin from that brand new kit.

if only you’d listened when your bike cried,

"hold the fucking choke down and pull to the side."

"Now take off your shoe and give me your sock,

put it over my filter and tie it.

we’re going home, slow as shit.

but hey at least you dont have to walk!"

wow, im blazed.

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