Harold IS Jerry after all

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haroldDate Posted: 06-22-08 21:52


yes you are in fact not right in the head. all your posts get deleted because you have been posts nothing but spam and preaching. well thats not right. 2% of your posts aren’t crazy but guess what?

fuck you! you want to spam the board and get all fucking nutso on us you lose your right to participate. im not going to read all your posts and determine whether they are crazy or not. they all get deleted.

as far as the oil injection thing goes. dude, the argument has been around long before your shriveled balls showed up on this website. no other threads have every been locked or deleted about the subject. just YOURS! you are such a douchebag that you are the only one to ever take the argument that far! congrats!

normally when someone like you gives someone bad advice we can offer a second more educated opinion in response. then the person who either created or is reading the thread can then make the choice for themselves who to listen to. just like the puch vs tomos or polini vs metrakit debate. however you are not normal. when someone disagrees with you, you go fucking bonkers and make 20 threads talking about conspiracies and shit.

chill the fuck out. how are you so wound up at your age. you are gonna break your hip if you arent careful.

in conclusion, suck my non wrinkly balls. im gonna keep deleting your shit. i just checked godaddy.com

www.wrinklyballarmy.com is available you should start your own messageboard.


Re: Harold IS Jerry after all

this is completely untrue.


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