50v carb

my dads moby 50v has a shitty carb. should we replace it? or should i upgrade the carb? whts the best for its money?

Re: 50v carb

Get a Dellorto 15.15.

Re: 50v carb

yeah the gurtner carbs are iffy at best. I just bought a new 15.15.

Until you do make sure you carry a can of starting fluid in your bag.

Re: 50v carb

oh and make sure you get a new intake if youre replacing the carb.

Re: 50v carb

I know many hate on the gurtner, I have had nothing but luck with them....maybe if the ped sat outside it should be replaced, delorto is a good choice for replacement, check this site for how to do it! www.mabecanemobylette.com best of luck!

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