Puch AD...

Does anyone have any information on the Puch e50 AD engine? I am on my way to rebuilding one, hoping for a manual.

Also what have people that have rebuilt e50s used to seal te case halves, i've read about yamabond and hondabond, but what other options are there?

Thanks for any help!

Re: Puch AD...

rtv grey or black. not necessary but why not use the strongest stuff right?

as far as a manual goes you arent gonna find one for that specific model, but its basically the exact same as a normal e50

Re: Puch AD...

Well, thats good to know, and now onto bigger questions...

for the standard e50 the crank bearings on the clutch side has a groove cut into it. The bearing on this engine doesn't have the groove, but the case does still has the spot for the snap ring. Do I need to buy a new bearing, or does the clip on the crank serrve the same purpose?

The persln who owned this before me did put an aftermarket crank in, but I have no idea what brand or type.

Thanks again!

Re: Puch AD...

Are you sure its aftermarket? 1986 and newer E50 had a roller bearing crank which looks aftermarket sort of if you are used to bushings.

Re: Puch AD...

The guy i got it from said it was aftermarket and he only works with Puchs, however this is my first in depth work with anything Puch.

So I could be wrong.

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