rear sprocket

Hey guys i ordered a tomos rear sprocket from stevesmopedshop when he had them and paid like 24$ but its been like 3 months and still no go on it.

If anyone has one they can give or sell to me i would love you alot, either need a 24 or 22 rear sprocket for tomos.

Not trieing to beg just really need a new sprocket for my bike because the stock one is messed up

Re: rear sprocket

▣ß@ηℊℙℐṔ∃▣ ™ /

did you get your money back?

Re: rear sprocket

No ive sent like 5000 emails but im just sick of this shit, just need a rear sprocket so my ped can run normally again

Re: rear sprocket

Do you have his phone number? If so call him all the time. That is what i did to this guy who never would ship an item to me and after a long time he shipped it. I need a rear wheel speed sprocket for my 1992 Tomos, so i am second in line to get one if someone has 2.

Re: rear sprocket

that sucks about your sprocket dude. id just go to i ordered a 22 tooth and it was shipped out the next day. got a tracking number and everything. should be here by wed. and it was cheep as fuck.

Re: rear sprocket

Raymond Wright IV /


ill get you one for 16 bucks!

just get me the money!

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