Moped Trailers in Ontario

Anyone know if moped trailers are legal in Ontario?

Any recommendations or words of warning? Has anyone ever used one?

Does anyone know anyone who custom makes trailers in or around London, Ontario?

Thank you,



I want to pull this on my moped, NOT pull my moped on the back of my truck / trailer etc.

Moped Trailers in Ontario

Fred Battershell /

I would think any of the commercial bike trailers(such as Burley would work; or as an alternative this much info on the web on making your own. Just Google "homemade bike trailers." Good luck!

Re: Moped Trailers in Ontario

John Joedicke /

Burley would work as long as you have proper bicycle wheels on it with bearings and not those plastic wheels with bushings. Flag it and put a LED flasher on it. Your brake lite will need to be visible though.

The OPP might help.

TT (Traveller Targ) /

I would be asking the people who would be giving you the problems. But, you can't always trust an officer's knowlege, either. I phoned the Ottawa Police Department before I got my moped about highway legality, and was told they were illegal, but the Ontario Government confirmed they were legal on all but the 400 Series. Try the website?

Have you thought of using one of those quality bicycle trailers for children? Actually, a trailer might be a nuisance. I had thought of using one but I made my 7500 mile camping trip with just my moped loaded well with 150 lbs of gear plus my 200 lbs, easy to hide in bushes for free camping, etc. No problem. I had thought of a trailer but didn't want flat tires.

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