Be Kind Rewind

its prolly already been posted but in the movie be kind rewind jack blacks character rides a puch home from the video store its a pretty long part you cant miss it the movie could have been a little better but i liked it

Re: Be Kind Rewind

Targ the True Blowout /

Yeah .. it was a funny movie alright .. did you know Puch is made by Bombardier? (Yup .. Canadians are alright, eh!) But Tomos is better.

Re: Be Kind Rewind

I saw a movie called Hot Rod , about a guy named Rod , who wanted to be a stunt man . He does stunts with his moped .

Kind of funny in a lame sort of way .


Re: Be Kind Rewind

just saw the movie. hehe. i dont think it was jack black but wilson, his mechanic that rides the red maxi.

Re: Be Kind Rewind

not a moped, but still pretty sweet!


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oops. try #2!

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