Cimatti city bike

I was thinking of buying one of these, 1978, And i was wondering what kind of speeds I could expect and if there was any performance parts I could buy to speed it up?


Re: Cimatti city bike

If it has the Minarelli v1. It's a great bike with alot of performance updates except exhaust! But one from a puch can be made to fit. I has a safari with the same engine(75 cc kit) and has lots of power to clime hills

Re: Cimatti city bike

in totally stock trim with everything in 100% working order expect a SOLID 30mph out of it. with a little work to it, even with the stock carb and exhaust still expect 30mph, but more torque. the limiter on the V1 is the exhaust and carb. a good exhaust and a 14-16mm carb will get you well past 30.

the 75cc polini kit is a great part, well made, that will get you into the 40's no problem.

Re: Cimatti city bike

Cimattis can be pretty slow stock, especially if it is the 20 mph version. 8mm intake restrictor, restrictive pancake exhaust, and 9 tooth front sprocket. We got one running a good 33 mph, by changing all that stuff. But there are plenty of performance parts for it.

Re: Cimatti city bike

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I had a 75 citibike. It was pretty fun, but its a pretty goofy moped. Its really small, though nimble. Mine did like 28-30, then I put on a better air filter and pulled the silencer from the exhaust and it did like 32-35. There are plenty of performance options out there to go fast, but I don't think I'd want to go much faster on one.

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