Zundapp flywheel puller

I came across a 56 zundapp combinette, and im trying to get under the flywheel. I saw up on treatshq a while ago he had a standard Puch flywheel puller, but under the description it said it was for puch, zundapp, and others.

does anyone know if all puch flywheel pullers are the same as zundapps? Thatd be convenient.

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Re: Zundapp flywheel puller

what kind of magneto do you have? Bosch?

Re: Zundapp flywheel puller

John Joedicke /

Zundapp should have a Bosch mag.

Re: Zundapp flywheel puller

it wasnt bosch... i expected it to be though... it had some inscriptions that seemed like just serial numbers. the only lettering on it that could have been a brand name said "Noris". Similar to chuck norris. I guess ill get a thread gauge and measure them...

i know a guy was making moby pullers here recently, i might contact him.

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