i fought the law and I won.

so today not only marks the 2nd annual <a href="https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/1/524452/524452/">Naked Moped Day</a>, but also marked my first run in with the law... took me less then a month.

riding home from work, i saw a cop in front of me so i decided id pass him in the other lane while at a red light to see if id catch his attention. two blocks later lights go on, and he pulls me over. (im super excited because this is the first time that i know im in the right and will get to prove a cop wrong to his face..) he gets outta the car and asks me "you got that thing licenced?".

i say "no sir, i dont have to, its a moped."

"you need to stay in the bike lanes with that.." (which confused me cause i thought if you can keep up with traffic your not supposed to use the bike lanes, and if you do, then technically your engine cant be running).. he continues "..and if your in the traffic lanes you need to have it licensed."

"im preeeetty sure i dont sir."

he says, "well thats like saying a motorcycle doesnt need to be licensed either then."

"yeh but my engine is under 50cc."

"it is huh, how much is it?"


"well let me see your licence" and walks back to his car where my guess is he radios for clarification on our great Montana state laws... he returns and says, "well, i stand corrected. sorry bout that"

"no problem officer"

"have a good day and be safe on that thing."

"yes sir i will."

-good thing i wasnt participating in the 2nd annual Naked Moped Day... that wouldve made things interesting....

Re: i fought the law and I won.

good story...but how many CC's is it _really_?

Re: i fought the law and I won.

Sounds like you were polite to the law and you won.


Re: i fought the law and I won.

I had to celebrate in my own way break>

as my bike let me down this week.


Re: i fought the law and I won.

John Joedicke /

Give that body some sun once in a while. lol

Re: i fought the law and I won.

bquiz, cant see from the pic but what kind of rims are on you bike??

Re: i fought the law and I won.


bquiz 1

Montana hams 0

Re: i fought the law and I won.

they are the stock mags that all 08 tomos STs have. usually the black frames come with silver wheels though and the red and blue ones have the black sets. but for some reason mine came with black and black. i like it better that way tho.

Re: i fought the law and I won.

sounds like you were being an ass and trying to get pulled over on purpose.

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