I (heart) Linda Green

Her posts are always succinct, insightful and extremely helpful for the most part. The job she

Re: I (heart) Linda Green

I agree. Very smart "kid". However, I find the wiki over my head. How lame is that? Her directions are great. I seem to be having trouble with disconnect today. Oh well, maybe it's because I just sprayed a can of old Oven Off into my tailpipe. Cough! Cough!

Re: I (heart) Linda Green

Yeah. Linda is very cool.

Re: I (heart) Linda Green

Linda is awesome!

Re: I (heart) Linda Green

Here, here!!!!

Re: I (heart) Linda Green

Linda fixed the link in my wiki article snd made the image work right! Huzzah! for Linda!

Re: I (heart) Linda Green

Leon Swarmer /

She does a great job with a camera, too. woohoo.


Re: I (heart) Linda Green

I am an MU grad (twice) but we absolutely flipped our shit in the Final Four when "that shot" fell. One roommate humped a lamp, the other jumped over a couch and stuck his head in his basket of clean laundry and shook it all over the place.

I hate "loose" vs. "lose". I used to be a copyeditor. That's a great way to end up wanting to lose your mind after you read stuff.

What any of this has to do with your loving Linda, I don't know. I just felt like being sociable and posting nonsense, I guess.

Re: I (heart) Linda Green

§ćŗάτçλmªřċ • /

she's very talented, i agree.

Re: I (heart) Linda Green

Linda and I went out on a sasquatch hunt once, and by golly if she didn't catch the first one we saw that evening. I mighta got very angry with her when she released it the following morning, but I knew she was talented enough to capture another, so I just plain blew it off.

I'm hoping she knows how to brew a nice beer, as I would like to learn.

Can Linda play a theremin?

Re: I (heart) Linda Green


You can track Sasquatch by it's droppings... look like a Stuckey's Pecan Log.

Re: I (heart) Linda Green

I could if I tried maybe, but I never tried that hard.

Re: I (heart) Linda Green

I know what this is. This is a surreptitious attempt to make me into an egotistical maniac, and I'M NOT HAVING IT! :)

Really though, I appreciate your sentiments, but I feel the need to point out how awesome everyone else is too.

First of all, I wouldn't know anything about mopeds if the people who post here hadn't patiently explained stuff to me and helped me through all the repairs I've done/attempted. I try to help out when I can (and sometimes when I probably shouldn't because I don't know what I'm talking about) because I just want to pass on the incredible help that I've gotten.

Second, succinct? Me? I chuckle at the very thought. It takes me three paragraphs to say what others can sum up in three sentences. I try to be succinct, but I start to realize my failure somewhere around the end of the second paragraph.

Third, yes, I categorized a lot of things in the wiki. However, I wouldn't have had anything to categorize if people hadn't written all those articles in the first place. I mean, have you read all those articles? I have, or I've at least glanced through them. There is some really amazing stuff in there that probably took hours to compile, write, and format. I apparently have a strange desire to sit and type "[[Category: Moped parts]]" repetitiously for hours on end, but it's the people who are writing the articles to begin with and editing them to make them better who are the ones who really deserve credit. Also, Mike Peters (mijunkin) was the one who kind of got me started on this whole wiki kick, so if you'd like, you can add that to the impressive list of contributions he's racked up.

Finally, yes, I can spell (or yes, I can use spell check), but so can just about everyone else on here. Everyone else might not always use their proper spelling and grammar skills, but that's probably because not everyone else is anal about grammar like I am. Just 'cuz they don' use it don' mean they don' know it. :)

I (heart) everyone who has helped me out so much, everyone who has contributed to the wiki, and Moped Army in general. Y'all are awesome.

Re: I (heart) Linda Green

See what I mean?

Re: I (heart) Linda Green

Edward Richardson /

Just don't make her angry, thats all I'm sayin.

Re: I (heart) Linda Green

toe fur threadkiller /

i'm gonna go ahead and say that i've never seen linda type anything in a remotely succinct manner.

but, being a wordy fellow myself, i can appreciate it.

seriously, talk to me in person, and i'll take fifteen minutes to tell you something i could have probably just told you in a few well-chosen words.

enough about me, though. this thread is all about bein' mad creepy fer linda, and i can respect that as well.

cheers, linda. bummer you won't be at your own freakin' rally.

Re: I (heart) Linda Green

admittedly her "things I've learned" list is pretty awesome.

Re: I (heart) Linda Green


Will you be at the KC ride today?

Re: I (heart) Linda Green

Sucinct = Something clearly written and briefly expressed.

Re: I (heart) Linda Green

Oops! Succinct.

Re: I (heart) Linda Green

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

I'm a big fan of Linda's irrefutable theory of the Moped Coefficient. Number 28 is another personal favorite.

And then there is the time that Linda and I got lost in Kalamazoo. I thought I knew where I was going (totally didn't), and Linda had the foresight enough to stop at a McDonalds and ask a strange cashier where we should go. I would still be lost in Michigan if Linda hadn't been there to save my life.

P.S. - Linda, I swear I will help with the wiki. I said I would last week while I was in NY, but it turned out I wasn't able to get online more than a few times. Lame, I know. But I will dive into it soon.

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