WD-40: Pros and Cons

I know WD-40 is a great lube for loosening bolts and cleaning dirty parts, but I also hear that it eats gaskets and other plastic parts. Plus I hear that if you get it in your hubs then u are basically screwed cause your brakes will never work well again. Any truth to my ramblings??

Re: WD-40: Pros and Cons

if you get WD40 in your hubs you put brake cleaner on it.

Re: WD-40: Pros and Cons

I've gotten wd 40 on the brake shoes once, they work fine now.

Re: WD-40: Pros and Cons

brake cleaner takes off the oiles

WD-40 ... not really a lubricant

I have had real oil .. (motor oil .. fork oil)... get onto brake shoes before... and no matter how many times (and methods) .. I used to clean them ... they never braked as good as before .. in fact not even close.

My theory is brake shoes are somewhwat porous and the oil can soak in.

WD40 is a real light oil though... in fact there is very little actual oil in it ... it consists of almost 80% Stoddards solvent.. (the same stuff as parts cleaning solvent .. like what comes in a Safety-Kleen tank).

Very little of it is actually oil ... like 5% or something.

Remember... WD40 stands for Water Dispersant formula #40 ... it was the 40th formula they tried while trying to create a spray on substance that would displace water from electrical components.'

It was never intended as a lubricant to start with.

And I would never trust it to 'lubricate' something that needed serious lubrication... the vast majority of the WD40 evaporates after a day or two.

.. use Brake Kleen and your brake shoes should be good.

Re: WD-40 ... not really a lubricant

Fred is right, in my early days, on big trucks, after cleaning we would sprinkle ajax over the shoes so they wouldn`t lock up after getting hot. Doug D.

Re: Don't do this:

Use W4-Diddly as an "assembly lube".

Back in high school a guy did just that on a Chevy 327 he was building.

Instant seize when he tried to start it!

At least it wasn't a moped... ;)


Re: Don't do this:

david f martin /

Jim, did he have oil in the crankcase? I suspect he had other issues than just using WD-40. Wrong size bearings, or poor machining...


Re: Don't do this:

Apparently he sprayed everything instead of using oil, then when the engine was cranked, the WD-40 thinned out the oil on the vital surfaces despite having oil in the crankcase.

He ruined the bearings and the rings.


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