what year are my mo-peds

somebody help

can you tell me the year of these 2 machines

model 810.94040 ser no. 6027255

model 810.94011 ser no 6487782

they are both sears allstate


Re: what year are my mo-peds

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"did you look in the photos section?":http://www.mopedarmy.com/photos/brand/139/

Re: what year are my mo-peds

i have one of each.

they were sold to me as a 1963 (011) and 1965 (040). However Deezy, our local allstate guru thinks the 011 is older.

there is a thread you can search that discusses allstate ages (use the search words "wanted 19" in the general forum). they were manufactured in specific years, but sold for 2-3 years. when they were sold, the person was told it was the year it was sold in, not the year of manufacture. Hence the confusion. I was also told that Matt of MotorWest knows how to identify the years from the vin, but i havent asked him yet. there is another site online when you search allstates who answers questions for allstates, including motorcycles. he has opinions on years as well.

Re: what year are my mo-peds

did you try to look for the tag that tells you the year? its on the steering column

Re: what year are my mo-peds

No it isn't Dan. These have tags on the side and were put out for 2 or maybe even 3 years in some cases with that same ending number. I have two 000's, one 001, and on 010. I know for fact that the 000's started in 1954, but may also been made in 1955 as well. I was told by Matt at Motor West, that my 010 is 1958. My brother's 001 is supposedly a 1957. It is confusing because they aren't in any real order. Some numbers mean it to be a different style even, such as the campus 50, or even a long seat version. It gets very confusing actually, and even from so-called "people who know" I have discussed this with, seem to have conflicting information.

Much of the confusion, as rei says is how long they sat in a wharehouse or on a Sears floor. Many sat for more than the year they were made, and got officially titled as the year they sold, much as the VW's of those times did.

So even many titles don't really give you the actual year these bikes were made.

I think rei's figures on the years are very close if not on.


Re: what year are my mo-peds

Oh, and what are the color combinations of these Mo-Peds?

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