Thinking about buying a Garelli...

So I'm going to check out a Garelli tomorrow morning, here's what i know:

- The guy selling it is 77 and used to ride it around town

- It's reportedly in excellent shape and has new tires

- It's been sitting for a few years since his grandkids bought him an electric scooter

- It's a Seventy-something, he's not sure the model or year

- It ran as of today, but needs a new headlight bulb

- He's asking $250 and has some concept of how valuable mopeds can be to the right buyer

Other than that, I have no knowledge of what it is. I also am a total newbie to the realm of Garelli.

Can I get a crash course in what to look for and how to value this thing? What models are sleepers/ what models are lemons? Are they known for having any certain flaws that I should check for? Basically I want to be informed because my wife doesn't exactly "get" mopeds, so if I buy a "walk away" I'll never hear the end of it.

Re: Thinking about buying a Garelli...

Many Garellis had clutch issues. They would swell, and always engage. Make sure it can idle without the back wheel turning. This means the clutch is working. Put it up on the center stand, and give it lots of gas, so the back wheel is spining fast, then hit the rear brakes prety quickly. (dont slam on em) the engine should not die(stal) when the rear wheel stops.

I would pay $250 for a garelli in good condition.

Re: Thinking about buying a Garelli...

awesome! this is exactly the kind of thing I needed to know.

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