Technigas Next R Pipe?

I posted this on the performance forum a while ago, but nobody has replied. Maybe I'll have better luck here.

I would like to add a Technigas Next R exhaust pipe to my 2008 Tomos Revival TS, that has an A55 engine, but I have read somewhere that it wont fit a Revival unless the center stand is replaced with a side kick stand.

Does this apply to the new models with the A55 engine, or is this something that applies to older model Revivals?

Long story short, will it fit my new 2008 Revival without changing the stand?

Re: Technigas Next R Pipe?

Yes it will fit. You will have to remove the crash bars or the pipe will not have clearance. If you want the crash bars you will have to grind the bottom mount of the crash bars so it clears the pipe. The mount is bolted to the center stand. By the way, a side stand is pretty cool as well. I have a friend with a Revival TS and Technigas pipe. He has the center stand, side stand and the crash bars. He has cruising pegs mounted on the crash bars.

Re: Technigas Next R Pipe?

By the way, how did you get a 2008 Revival? Is it a noped?

Re: Technigas Next R Pipe?

Raymond Wright IV /

i didnt know they still made revivals!

Re: Technigas Next R Pipe?

The best way to make the Tecnigas pipe fit the Revival is to make a spacer the same shape as the exhaust gasket about 1/4 inch thick or you can stack up 3 or 4 gaskets. Thst will lower the pipe just enough to clear the crash bar bracket.


Re: Technigas Next R Pipe?

Thanks Ike!

Thanks marvyhi!

It's a pedal start model. Don't have it yet, but expect it to be delivered sometime in July. Right now, I'm told, it's on a boat somewhere in the Atlantic, making its way here from Slovenia.

Have been waiting nine months for this, since last October - a little like expecting a baby, but without the physical problems.

Re: Technigas Next R Pipe?

Yeah. I bought the last Revival TS from Myron's back in Aug of 07. No Revivals yet. I heard of something like what you said but the shipment is supposed to reach Tomos USA in mid July, so delivery to dealers should be go out in another week. And by the time the dealers get the shipment and build it for the showroom another week can go by. So maybe we should see some Revivals in the beginning to the middle of Aug. It may even be 2009 models.

Re: Technigas Next R Pipe?

I actually just bought a 2008 Revival TS (electric start) from a dealer here in Virginia. Nice bike, but I can't get it to exceed 25 mph, and it barely clears 30 downhill. Needless to say, I find the exhaust talk very encouraging.


Re: Technigas Next R Pipe?

k something is wrong wit your bike if u cant get it to exceed 25 cause i have a 2007 revival ts with almost 6000 miles i put on it and i get about 32 stockand the 2007 and 2008 r the same besides the grips

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