the best day of the summer!

Charlie Mittens /

The best day of the summer was last week. Friday to exact. My 77 Foxi that had been stolen and missing for almost 3 weeks was spotted casually leaning against a tree on a street corner about 4 miles from where it was stolen. My boss spotted it, threw it in the back of his van and took it back to the shop where Foxi was abducted in a brazen daylight caper. Even better? The thief was too lazy or cheap to fill it up with gas and destroy the motor! Foxi is currently at Choke awaiting new points to replace the ones that rusted after have been left in some sprinklers.

Clearly the only way to properly celebrate is with some sort of parade. And a better lock.

Re: the best day of the summer!

yay a happy ending!

Re: the best day of the summer!

Congrats! That must be great to see your foxi back, good riding my friend

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