Someone really ought too

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Re: Someone really ought too

haha boy would that be interesting to ride

Re: Someone really ought too

And Scary as shit too.

God Help me if I ever get money and time.

Re: Someone really ought too

my uncle used to own an old mail truck, he got it for like a hundred dollars and drove it around until it died. totally hilarious.

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Man, Rhino line all that rust and a hole lot of welding. Boom! there you go.

Re: Someone really ought too

i been looking for an old cushman pick up for a long time

Re: Someone really ought too

Im glad if I helped.

Not a Cushman a RAND

Leon Swarmer /

This is what I sent to the seller of the "cushman"

errr not a question. It is a correction actually.

That's not a Cushman. It is a Rand. Made by Rand Fiberglass Corporation. Few people know the diference, but Cushman's made thier own engines and had different trannys and a different number of lugs on the wheel. Why do I know? I used to own and drive a Rand. The sub frame in the rear made for unusual handling techniques.


And now for my MA weighed 1,500 lbs and that Onan twin put out 16 Hp. my insurance company wanted to charge me big bucks becasue of the cc's ( huge) I argued weight and speed and got the rate reduced. It scared me to death one time when I got it up to 45 mph. Body roll to the extreme. fiberglass body had cracks where it had already been over on both sides. Wiper, fan, gas heater, worm gear steering. hydraulic brakes. nastiest starter access on anything I've ever worked on. Oh yea, and after I got is home I pulled a dead rat out of the shroud.

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