I did the impossible: I regist/titled my ped in NJ

New Jersey is apparently known for its impossibility to register and title a Moped. However, I am happy to report that I have achieved the impossible... my story:

I bought my Moped from a friend of mine in Florida.

In Florida, they do not require a title on Mopeds.

Hence, No Title and No MCO.

(In theory, you could sell your moped to somebody in Florida for a Day and they can sell it back to you and simply get a Bill of Sale Notarized... but if that V.I.N. comes up stolen, you're both going down)

So a couple weeks ago, I went into the Edison DMV and asked what it took to get a Moped Registered here. Nobody knew what the hell to do, so I demanded to speak with the Supervisor.

Sandra (Or Sandy?) The Supervisor told me I needed the following: A Notarized Bill of Sale (with Seller Name / Address / Phone Number, Buyer's Name / Address / Phone, Vehicle Make, Model, Year, Mileage, Color, Price, V.I.N, Both Signatures and a Notary Signature / Imprint,) proof of insurance, and she also told me, and I quote "A Letter From The State of Florida indicating their policy on Moped Titling."

Well, good for me my buddy came up this week from Florida... This morning, I typed up a Bill of Sale, went to my Wachovia Bank to have it Notarized.... But what of this "letter from the state of Florida"?

About a week ago, I started calling DMVs... Long story short, I dislike Florida DMVs, and the people who answer their phones. I did speak to one very helpful person in a Davey, FL DMV call center...

Their phone number, by the way, is 850-617-2000

I simply told her "I live in jersey, Jersey won't Register my vehicle until I get a letter from the state indicating you don't title Mopeds."

She spent 15 minutes or so searching the system for the policy... Long story short, she mailed me an 8-page document, titled "Procedure RS-04," which states "Exceptions to [titling in Florida] are Mopeds,"

I got that in my mailbox 4 days later (they also offered to fax it to me, which lacking a fax machine, i declined.)

So... Florida Document and Notarized Bill of sale in hand I marched into the Freehold DMV today. At the receptionist, I told them I need to Title and Register my moped.

The lady said "We Do Not Title Mopeds here."

"I bought it from somebody in Florida where they do not require titles for these vehicles," I showed her the Florida Document

After a while (of being clueless) she simply handed me the standard vehicle registration card, told me to wait on line and fill it out.

At the desk, the woman asked me to Fill out the whole form, on the back put my Insurance Policy Number, and asked to see the notarized bill of sale and my drivers license.

$42 later, she handed me a NJ Moped License Plate and a reciept.

She Kept the Bill of Sale.

"We're going to mail this to Trenton, and they will mail you your Title"


I did the impossible: I regist/titled my ped in NJ

The Elusive New Jersey Moped License Plate

The Lady at the DMV said "This plate has been sitting on the top for four months now... watch this,"

She picked it up, held it up to her face and blew a sizable cloud of dust into the air.

"Here you go sir, enjoy the rest of your day!"

Re: I did the impossible: I regist/titled my ped i

sweet i say


now go ride dude

Re: I did the impossible: I regist/titled my ped i

Here's the worst part: I'm at work for another 7 hours, and I need a Helmet! The only place I know of that sells Helmets will close by then!

Re: I did the impossible: I regist/titled my ped i

well your getting closer

Re: I did the impossible: I regist/titled my ped i

Why do you "need" a helmet? Safty aside of course.

Re: I did the impossible: I regist/titled my ped i

Jersey Law

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