Help! Toronto 1980Batavus insurance?

I'm having a really hard time finding insurance so that 1980 Batavus Regency in great shape can be rode in the street (downtown Toronto). Limited to off road so far.

Ins. Co. I called say it's because it's not an officially distributed moped model in Canada/ not on their list.

Any suggestions of places that might insure me?



Re: Help! Toronto 1980Batavus insurance?

haha what?

If you can't insure it, would you be willing to sell it?

Re: Help! Toronto 1980Batavus insurance?


Thanks for your "help" though.

Re: Help! Toronto 1980Batavus insurance?

Maybe it's listed under a different name. Batavus had lots of models but they're all pretty much the same bike. Maybe see if the Bingo or the VA is on their list?

Re: Help! Toronto 1980Batavus insurance?

Yeah a lot of the companies here seemed to have a pretty "limited" list to begin with. Toronto is not real Moped Friendly and that 's before you even get on the road among the SUV's.

In case anyone else in Ontario is searching...

I eventually just went with a Broker... Robin at Murtaugh Smith, a little pricey but no mess no fuss and only 1 phone call for me instead of several.

They sorted me out with JEVCO very quickly.


Re: Help! Toronto 1980Batavus insurance?

Call TOPPING insurance in peterborough. I live in Niagara and got my insurance throught them because they only wanted $300 for the year compared to 700+ from everywhere else I tried

Help! Toronto 1980Batavus insurance?

i have 2 batavus mopeds insured with royal sun alliance and i live in downtown toronto. i also have a jevco policy, but it's for my motorcycle - they wouldn't take on a moped for me.

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