Horn Recommendations

I need something that gets all the major dudebabes to notice me. Perhaps something programmable that can shout my digits when activated?

Re: Horn Recommendations

you could always try the kindergarden approach, hit them if you like them.

Re: Horn Recommendations

Electronic Wolf Whistle HornThis electric wolf whistle horn produces the classic "Wolf Whistle". Whistle at the ladies with this and you're bound to grab their attention! This 12 volt horn easily installs into any 12 volt vehicle. From you car or truck to your boat or ATV you'll be calling out the ladies in no time.

This horn is extremely easy to install and just requires a good ground and positive to start whistling.

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Part Number: EH-2120

Weight: 2.55lbs

Height: 6"

Width: 4"

Length: 6"

Wolf Whistle Catches Ladies Attention

Easy To Install

Perfect For Your Car Or Truck

Re: Horn Recommendations

ok, the wolf whistle is fancy and all, but it's to get ladies. I AM a lady that happens to prefer dudes.

Re: Horn Recommendations

get one of those "ooOOgggaaa" horns.

Re: Horn Recommendations

your mom has one of those "ooOOgggaaa" horns.

i hope that was annoying for you as you are for me.

Re: Horn Recommendations

i just yell my digits and pray some hottie heard them. i will let you know when it works

Re: Horn Recommendations

I heard a Tomos horn the other night on our weekly ride... it was Sabati's...

It was plenty loud and 77 mopeds sells them for like 13.85.... not sure if it will fit... or the voltage.... hopefully it is 6v?... or if it will fit your ped..


Re: Horn Recommendations

yeeeaaaah...100 watt Whelen siren speaker hooked up to 100 watt air horn. you can also put a PA mic into this. it'll do whatever you want. sweet....and loud as balls. it's off of an ambulance.

Re: Horn Recommendations

I want to make this happen. Joe, you may have saved my (sex) life.

Re: Horn Recommendations

you should get a horn that plays that little riff from "Man, I Feel Like A Woman".

Re: Horn Recommendations

holy shit that's brill. i'm in. some wiring nerd needs to make this happen, combined with joe's ambulance recommendation. like, the riff will blare through the PA speakers. so amazing.

Re: Horn Recommendations

you should get a little L.E.D. banner on the front of your bike that gives a message like " damn boy here's my digits" then shows your number.

Would be super sweet!!!


Re: Horn Recommendations

oddly enough, I was just looking up LED screens on ebay for that exact purpose. Something like what you said, mixed with "holla atcha gurl! PEACE!" you know, the more obvious, the better. i like to appear easy.

Re: Horn Recommendations

Ha ha, I would so call a girlie back if they had one of those!! You should seriousely do it !

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