1981 garelli buy or not?

i was wondering how much garelli's are liked in the moped community. all of my friends have puchs and tomos but no garellis. i have a chance to buy a 1981 garelli rally sport.

my question is this a good buy. are these a good moped and are parts easy to come by because i know my trac is a bitch and if that busts, well i am screwed

*345 dollars has a 70cc kit(but needs new rings and a head gasket) and comes with an extra motor.

Re: 1981 garelli buy or not?

I love garellis. THey have great style. They have lots of problems with clutch rubbers expanding. But if it has a 70cc kit on it, then you might assume that someone had it running well enough to kit it. so it proboly is mechanically good.

Re: 1981 garelli buy or not?

thanks, what can i do about the clutch problems?

Re: 1981 garelli buy or not?

clutch rubber expanding?

of all the garellis I have worked on....never seen this problem before.

Re: 1981 garelli buy or not?

Easy to find, easy to replace - 10 minutes and somewhere around $30 here on MA.

Re: 1981 garelli buy or not?

I bought one new way back in the day... I loved it!

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