85 Silver Bullet rear wheel bearing

Picking up my very first ped on Monday. (85 Tomos Silver Bullet) It needs a rear wheel bearing. Do I trust my gear-head neighbor with the repair, or do I take it to the "pro" that quoted me $100-$125 for the job? Is that a fair price, or am I being gouged?? Help!! How hard are parts to come by for a Bullet? Any advice really appreciated.

Thanks to all of you that helped me choose which Moped to buy....I felt that I was really making an informed decision and couldn't have done it without ya!

Re: 85 Silver Bullet rear wheel bearing

I don't know shit about Winnebago, but you should try to find the closest bearing shop. You should then take the one of the bearings out of your wheel, and take it to them. They will sell you new ones just like it for cheap. Then you should either do it yourself, or let the gear-head do it. Just make sure you watch him/her do it so next time you can.

Re: 85 Silver Bullet rear wheel bearing

Thanks Zach, I'll do that.

Hello to Portland! (I've got family in the Battle Ground/Vancouver area....)

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