Re: Stupid moves all around...

i wanna cast "_magic missile_"!

Re: Stupid moves all around...

Leon Swarmer /

Yep, it's a flail I'm in the SCA and make maille.

Mine is only one ball and it's a danger to anyone around Including the user.


Re: Stupid moves all around...

aimee. that was me driving the toyota. i was just trying to get you to stop!!! you obviously didnt know it was me.

Stupid moves all around...

I had the road raging asshole freak out on me once when I was about 23. At that age I weighed 215 and had virtually zero body fat, my buddies called me no-neck. He tells me to pull over so he can kick my ass. Its 90 fucking degress so being irritated I oblige. he sees me get out of my car, his eyes get huge and he starts to drive away in a hurry. Being the dumbass I am I chase after him, kick his door real hard, break his window doing it and belt him real hard as he drives away. Meet him in a bar 3 years later, he is my friends cousin, lol. Tells me he had a headache for 3 days after that one hit. I said good for you, it was deserved!

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