Eugene Oregon!

folks in Eugene,

I finally moved into a new house with a garage so I was able to bring my pees down. I've got one running Pinto and one soon-to-be running magnum. Let's go for a ride, shall we?

Oh and if you're going to the rally in a, wanna carpool?

Re: Eugene Oregon!


my shop is at 90,000 prarie Rd. It's just almost out of town, and where I'm able to work on mopeds. It's not where I work, or a functioning business.

Josiah and Sean are around- Sean just got a new gooder tomos....

Cody would be up for a ride

I'm busted down to a Razz right now because the Sachs is a bitch.

Re: Eugene Oregon!

I built that Tomos up good, thing is bitchin...

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