compression tester in chicago??

Does any one have one i can borrow. I have gas and spark and need to make sure that i have compression. I don't have the money to drop on a tester right now.

Let me know

Re: compression tester in chicago??

Hi Mike, I'm not in Chicago, but I think you have a couple of options:

1) This post - link - says that when Fred's Guide advises you to use your thumb in the spark plug hole it is spouting crap.

I think that this method (e.g. "Does kicking the bike over with your thumb in the spark plug hole blow it out?") does still tell you one thing - whether you have a critical compression problem.

2) Otherwise, Harbor Freight has a throw-away compression tester for something like nine dollars or less. Sometimes you have to fiddle with the rubber tip to get a good seal.

Re: compression tester in chicago??

Oh, and one personal note:

I just bought a vintage Sears Allstate compression gauge from eBay - it's awesome and heavy and chrome with a glass face, and it was five dollars.

When I got it, though, I found out that the graceful swoop of the plug mount into the gauge was actually supposed to be straight - I guess it got bent when someone used it in years past, or in a toolbox somewhere.

Dammit, though, if you're selling a tool on eBay, you're the only one who can say whether it's functional, or whether you're just selling it 'cause it's cool looking. I've got the awesome gauge sitting on a bookshelf, but now I'll probably have to buy another one to actually test compression.

Re: compression tester in chicago??

Mike, you can get one at Harbor Freight for like 5 bux. Its down by Midway Airport.

Re: compression tester in chicago??

See how much shorter that sounds when he says it?

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