Looking for a Motori Piston 39.2mm

Peter Schmalfeldt /


I am looking for a specific piston and am hoping you can help.

I recently got a used moped and after spending several hours trying to diagnose bad compression I found that the piston had been manually altered by the previous owner. They did a horrible hack job removing the piston skirt completely and it also looks like they "customized" the top of the piston.

Here are the important details.

MOPED: 1978 Rizzato Califfo Deluxe

ENGINE: Motori-C Rizzato-Padova (CR)

MODEL: IGM 4671 0M (CRP "119")

PISTON: 39.2mm (Has numbers 457 stamped inside)

IMAGES: Motori Piston break>

OTHER IMAGES: Moped Breakdown break>

I am looking to purchase this piston either new or used.

Any leads would be great... I am stuck trying to find them on my own for now. Thought I would turn to the pros.

– Peter Schmalfeldt (St. Louis, MO)

Re: Looking for a Motori Piston 39.2mm

Try Angelo in Italy. He is reputed to be able to get unusual Italian stuff.

Try this email address: <cybershop@libero.it>

Re: Looking for a Motori Piston 39.2mm

Hi Peter,

Nice project! Good luck finding your piston. I have a 1977 Yankee Peddler with a Minarelli engine that has the exact same frame and forks as your 1978 Rizzato. I'm in the midst of putting it back together after tearing it down. Do you have a lot racking and twisting in that front end? What I mean is, standing with the front wheel pinched between your legs, can you easily rack and twist those forks? Mine do and it has the fender on it. Nothing's cracked or broken yet the front end is as limp as cooked spaghetti. Also, are you doing anything to the frame? I was going to leave mine as is but it was in such poor repair that I stripped it and shot it. I'll be posting some pix soon. Keep us posted.


Re: Looking for a Motori Piston 39.2mm

Peter Schmalfeldt /

No email address listed :(

Thanks though.

Re: Looking for a Motori Piston 39.2mm

Peter Schmalfeldt /

No... Mine seems pretty firm. Not sure what it could be.

I just finished repainting the frame and restoring it back to its factory color. Masked off the original sticker so that's till there.

Moped came with the side panels too... so it's all there.

All I have left to do now is just get the engine back on.

It was running fine but seemed to have some issues. That's where I found the piston problem.

All of my moped pics can be fond on my Flickr Account break>

Thanks, and good luck with your moped.

- Peter

Re: Looking for a Motori Piston 39.2mm


E-mail this guy


His name is Everett, and I'm pretty sure he has some new old stock pistons for you.

Re: Looking for a Motori Piston 39.2mm

Sorry, the copy didn't work

Try this for Angelo: cybershop@libero.it

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