Honda PC-50 throttle stick

Hi, I'm new here so I hope this works.

Does anyone elses Honda PC-50 throttle stick? Mine sticks, I have greased it but it still will not twist back. Any suggestions to fix?

Also, what is the normal speed for the "Little Honda" to reach, mine ussually runs about 50-60 KPH (30-37 MPH). Anyway of increasing this speed to 70 KPH, such as a performance exhaust.


Re: Honda PC-50 throttle stick

Pal, you have one of the few 4-stroke mopeds out there. PC's are quiet, cheap to run 120mpg+, and a tuners dead end. No after market parts exist.

As for your throttle sticking issue, check the tension quality of the spring atop the carb slide and lube the snot out of the cable.

My PC tops at 38mph.

Re: Honda PC-50 throttle stick

Shit! There must be something different about those Canadian PC50 units. The ones sold in the US will barely make 30mph downhill with a following breeze.

The only things that I can think that you could do would be:

Raise the compression ratio

Make and install an aftermarket pipe of some sort.

Install a larger carb.

I believe that none of the required parts or pieces are available in the aftermarket, so you are on your own.

Re: Honda PC-50 throttle stick

Ok, Well I'll just leave her stock for now . I'll try that this Weekend Ted, hope that fixes the problem.

I checked your Profile and I see your from Victoria, I'm also on the Island, but not in Victoria. I cant "legally" ride a Moped on the road yet, and all I've done is ride throughout my neighborhood, so I wouldn't be able to take part in any rides for a few months. Any other riders on the Island, all I see is people on Scooters?

Re: Honda PC-50 throttle stick

Wow, thats wierd, I guess its a Canadian thing eh : ).

Ok, Thank you for the suggestions. I highly doubt I would be able to do any of those though, I don't have to much knowledge about fixing/improving Mopeds, I'm trying to learn though. I joined a 4-H small engines club a few years back to learn more about, well, small engines and fix up my Ciao, the guy was a complete jack-ass to me and thought my Moped sucked. I quit.

Re: Honda PC-50 throttle stick

The capitol city has a few moped riders... I must admit spend more time on my Passports and NSR.

Re: Honda PC-50 throttle stick

"..the spring atop the carb slide..."

I've never seen a PC50, does it really have a slide valve carburetor? Just in case that doesn't make sense, does the throttle cable go into the top of the carb, and pull a piston up and down?

If that's the case, add a cleaning of the slide valve assembly to silverfox's advice; the gasoline in the carb can make it hard to keep the slide greased or oiled, so you just have to keep it super-clean. Plastic scrubbers work well.

So, grease the throttle mechanism, oil your cables, make sure the return spring in your carb is taught enough, and perhaps clean out the slide/slide tube part of your carburetor.

Hi Canada!

Re: Honda PC-50 throttle stick

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