Fa50 oil injection removal?

hey, i have recently changed-out my fa50's original frame and remounted the engine onto another frame but wonder...........would removing the oil injection cause any harm to my engine if i just run 2 cycle thru a top mounted tank?, what mixture should i use? 25:1? 50:1? please any info would help!

Re: Fa50 oil injection removal?

John Joedicke /

I would go 40:1 with a good synthetic 2T oil

Re: Fa50 oil injection removal?

I ride a FA50 with the oil injector disconnected and plugged. I use a 32:1 ratio of pre-mix and prefer the Blendzall castor type oil (because it smells awsome). Have had no issues with seizure or premature top-end rebuilds. Probably put about 1k miles on it.

Re: Fa50 oil injection removal?

running premix will not hurt your engine, just use high quality oil, I recomend castrol 2t or ams oil synthetic.

Re: Fa50 oil injection removal?

sweet, i didn't have any idea's as to where i could mount the oil tank ... what should i use to plug it up?

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