Securing a Moped to a mot. trailer

ok i went out and dropped the cash for a 3 space motorcycle trailer. Its cool, but no instructions for how to put a bike on.

so i go get one of those crappy wratcheting tie down strap kits at home depot cause i gotta move a bike 4 miles and i gotta figure it out sometime anyway.

I guess i kinda figured that it worked with the kickstand down, but that wont work cuase it wont as the rail is to thin. I kinda jury rigged it but im sure its not right and would love to know how to do it properly.

I will buy proper straps so thats not gonna be an issue.

any help appreciated.

I gotta drive 7 hours with a bike on sunday, and am not looking forward to it rolling off the bike trailer at 75 mph on the new york state freeway.

Re: Securing a Moped to a mot. trailer

wow...all you gotta to is grab 2 starps...a 3rd if you wish...pull the bike forward as far as possible, make the tire hit the rail in the fron...put one strap on 1 side of the handlebars and a 2nd strap on the other side of the handle bars...hook them to the front of the trailer so the cannot slide...ratchet them so the forks get a little compressed...viola rock the bike back and forth to make sure its tight the 3rd strap through the bottom of the rear tire so it hold it tight onto the trailer so it doesnot bounce on bumps...there you go

Re: Securing a Moped to a mot. trailer

I find bikes ride better off the kickstand. Put one strap around the seat post pulling backwards tight, then put the other around the head tube pulling forwards and tighten it down. If they pull in opposite directions, the shocks compress nicely and it should be pretty stable side to side.

Re: Securing a Moped to a mot. trailer

dont listen to him

Re: Securing a Moped to a mot. trailer

I went through this a few years ago, my trailer looks like the ones on this site:

Ratcheting tie-down straps are exactly what you want, you need three straps per bike. Put the bike in the middle rail. Hook one strap to each side of the handlebars, right where they curve from horizontal to vertical. Hook the other end to a point on the trailer as far out on the trailer as possible, you want the straps to extend out at an angle, not down.

Then, crank the straps down a little at a time on each side until the straps are tight and the front suspension is compressed a few inches. Make sure the bike is straight up and down.

These two straps do 90% of the work holding the bike down.

Then, put a third strap on the back of the bike--hook one end to the trailer, loop the strap over the rear rack or some other well-anchored part of the bike, hook the other end to the trailer on the other side of the bike, then crank that one down until it's tight.

The bike won't go anywhere. If you like, you can hook a bungee or something through the front wheel.

You'll love having a trailer, and once you have the strapping down thing figured out, it'll be easy.

Re: Securing a Moped to a mot. trailer

thats exaclty what i did ritz but id rather have someone think im dumb for asking then think im dumb for killing 6 people on the freeway.

Re: Securing a Moped to a mot. trailer

Re: Securing a Moped to a mot. trailer

thanks gabe that makes a more sense.

Im gonna lock the front wheel to the chock with a cable lock for a little extra security

Re: Securing a Moped to a mot. trailer

What is this I hear about you picking up an Allstate?

Re: Securing a Moped to a mot. trailer

John Joedicke /

Just drove this past weekend 15 hours 2 ways with a moped and a heavier scooter strapped that way on a Versa-Haul. Bikes didn't move anywhere. Not a mark on them, but they were dirty afterwards. Compress the forks to do it right.

Re: Securing a Moped to a mot. trailer

Thanks everyone that helped out with this, i used the gabe method illustrated, and it worked much better then the single strap idea i had going on. Appreciated.

Re: Securing a Moped to a mot. trailer

you are smarter than that know that

Re: Securing a Moped to a mot. trailer

been said but 2 straps off the handlebars at there low point is the way to go, NO KICKSTAND! a third strap isnt needed but i sometimes throw one on in the back depending on the lenght of the trip


Re: Securing a Moped to a mot. trailer

§ćŗάτçλmªřċ • /

does having a trailer mean you're officially a pedahaulic? just wondering...


Re: Securing a Moped to a mot. trailer

you are smarter than that andrew…you know that

Naw man, i'm smart, but being smart sometimes means asking people who do things all the time for input, because just guessing ( and my guess was real close ) could have feasable put people behind me in danger of thier lives on the freeway.

A true sign of real ingnorance and stupidity would be to do something thinking i knew better without asking. I have no experience whatsoever with motorcycle trailers or how to secure something that is significantly lighter than what the trailer was designed for to it.

the dude i bought the trailer from told me to put the center stand down. Ive got some good input in this thread by asking and filterting through the different opinions and using a little critical thinking to judge what i think is right.

Way better to ask then to dump a bike out on the freeway.

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