Re: I have found something more addictive than mop

Hey thanks for all the replies. i wasnt sure if you guys would like it or not but it has been my main ride lately and reminds me of a mega-moped. They actually made fully automatic transmissions on some models and they were supposed to be even faster with them as it shifts under power and keeps the engine right on pipe. There is a guy who made a dragster out of one If my dog didn't ride with me I would ride alot faster. Maybe he is keeping me from killing myself though.

I plan on selling one puch and keeping one. It is a green maxi with snowflakes. I have a tccd kit for it and a new homoet 6p still but i cant decide if that goes with the bike or just stock cylinder and stock pipe.

The expansion chamber is stock. I wish I had a longer header tube to make hit at lower rpm. It wants to wheelie as soon as comes on pipe. (poor brave Flash)

WR stands for wide ratio, the strictly mx version is called a CR for close ratio and the automatic version is called an AE. One of the only vintage Husky bike shops is two blocks from me, PVP Cycle. He has been supplying me with a steady stream of good used parts, new parts, carb jets, reeds.. clutches.. proper pullers and tools - such a cool guy.

Thanks you guys for all of the compliments!

Re: I have found something more addictive than mop

flash rules, feed him a steak, dude.

i love the flash carrier on the back. that is the sweetest dog of all-time.

Re: I have found something more addictive than mop

I almost did the same thing to this sick-fast machine, a 1996 Yamaha WR250, but my wife made me get rid of it before it made her a widow. By far, the sickest and fastest 2-stroke I've ever owned. Good decision!


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