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Just added a wiki page with basic Jawa history/overview. Hope to fill page out with info on the models at a later date. If anyone has good jawa info or links to share please edit. Also if someone with wiki experience could add a link to this page from the moped brands page that would be great.

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I'll do it, but it's really easy to link things to categories. All you do is type [[Category: Moped Brands]] at the bottom of the article you want to categorize, and it'll show up in the Moped Brands category. Capitalization is important though -- if you type [[Category: moped brands]] it won't show up because it'll think you're trying to invent a new category.

Re: wiki help jawa

Oh, yeah, and thanks for adding stuff! We need more people to contribute like that!

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Thanks linda, I didn't know how to do that. Is there a wiki guide anywhere to help with posting/organization. Thanks for all the work you've been doing on the wiki, hopefully it will continue to become more and more useful.

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Not really. There's the editing help page (it's linked on the front page as well as at the bottom of the page whenever you edit something) and that tells you how to format and how to organize the article you're writing, but there's nothing about how to organize the whole wiki.

Really, the best way to organize everything is to make sure you put what you write in the appropriate category and include links to pertinent pages. Like if a "How to fix a Jawa" article did get written, it should have a link on the Jawa page that you started. (And of course, it would also be categorized into the Repair tutorials category and anywhere else that made sense). Then if people are looking for information about Jawas, it'll all be linked right there on that one page.

If there are a lot of articles about something, then they probably need their own category (like the Puch stuff), but it doesn't really make sense for each brand to have its own category until it's got 10-12 separate pages related to the brand (--in my opinion, anyway).

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