Re: tomos how good are they really?

Thanks, guys keep it coming this is just the kind of stuff I am looking for.....Is there one source for the information here ref. air cleaner and pipe sources? I want to remain stock just improve the exhaust, intake, and gearing?

>>>I’d like to hear some input that would be helpful to those who are first-time moped owners of brand-new Tomos bikes.

I’ve had occasion to ride several brand new Tomos mopeds with A55 engines, and I also have an

Re: tomos how good are they really?

The Doppler air filter that looks like a bulb intrigues me. I haven't tried one, but eventually I will probably get one. $46 or so. Does anyone know if they are quiet or noisy?

Here's what I did with the stock airbox, and it helped a lot:

(1) Carefully cut off the intenal 90-degree "snorkle" tube inside the airbox

(2) Reamed out the remaining opening in the rubber grommet to get it as close to the inlet size of the carb

(3) Opened up 2 holes in the far end of the airbox (so the air still goes thru the filter)

If I had thought of it before doing (3), I would have used a hole saw to cut in a single hole just big enough for the snorkel, and then put that it on the far end, so the rubber 90-degree elbow would block the escape of noise

Re: tomos how good are they really?

hey man, ive came in contact with a bunch of Tomos mopeds, and i have to say they are very well manufactured, and engineered FOR MOPEDS. they are still making these, but prolly not for long. so go pick one up!

i didnt ride with that EPA pipe for long with my 08 tomos for long enough for it to get plugged, but it was deffinetly resrictive. changing the gearing alone made me go 40 mph, best 12 bucks ive ever spent on a moped, and it was bolt on and good to go. the stock intake and carb is very impressive, you can squeeze a bunch of power out of the A55, is a very well time, piston-ported cylinder. the parts availability for these are limitless so if your looking for a moped to ride, and keep riding it for a long time, looking for somthing fast, looking for somthing to customize, looking for somthing to pedal, looking to join the ranks of people with true mopeds get a tomos, they rule.

08' Tomos StreetmateR

(even tho i got it in june of 07')

i am a huge fan of vintage Puchs and Motobecannes too tho, all mopeds have theyre own distingtive traits and features.


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