Pittsburgh thus far...

I'm totally digging this city, even though it's no Chicago. Either way, the moped kids here totally rule and I'm super stoked that they're as geeked out as I am. I was even brought along to BUFU Ohio to witness one of them purchase a minty fresh TSM for fucking pennies. Yeah. That's right, I said TSM.

Re: Pittsburgh thus far...

pittsburgh pa is a great town, reminds me a lot of a cross between cinicinatti and milwaukee.

now if only i could get the hook up for cheap TSM's


Re: Pittsburgh thus far...

its my hometown.

cant wait to go back.

go stillers

Re: Pittsburgh thus far...

yeah yeah, its all fun and games until i break out the "aimee sleeping in the extended cab of the truck" pics. yeah. sucka.

Re: Pittsburgh thus far...

maybe if you had a running bike right now, you would have been out with us pre-trip, thus making you pass out like a porn star, too.

Re: Pittsburgh thus far...

Thank god this is no Chicago!

Since I've never been to Chicago, I'm really talking about NYC.

Thank god this is no NYC!

Everywhere stink people moan pretzel gas nice suit trash man. Concrete-patched stone on steel on concrete on dying earth - flee the sinking island for some BIG small-town boroughs then some HUGE big-town suburbs, endless. Endless.

Gasp for air, unroll a map, and watch the Long Island syringe inject concrete cells into New York state.

Flee to Pittsburgh, and glory in its emptiness.

Re: Pittsburgh thus far...

What is this, a fucking Beat Cafe?

Re: Pittsburgh thus far...

§ćŗάτçλmªřċ • /

LOL, too funny... must be all that smoke... breathe deeply!

Re: Pittsburgh thus far...

hey benji, Im jealous! damn

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