what speed should I expect?

I'm still waiting for all the parts to arrive but I'm itching to see what kind of speed I will get out of my ped

it's a 1.5HP 2 speed Maxi which will have the following:

proma circuit pipe

15mm bing carb (came with a 12mm)

15 mm intake

High flow foam filter (have the paper type I could use too)

I ordered jets 84, 86, 90 & 92

stock I think it came with a 56. I don't remember anymore what I have in there now with the proma pipe. I think I went up 2 or three jets and popped off the elbow on the airbox. The plug chop was good back then.

so how fast? I'm guessing maybe 35-36 (optimistic). I would love to get to 40mph somehow. I don't have the change for a kit though.

Re: what speed should I expect?

George Smith /

i get 33-35 with just a bi-turbo on my jawa...so i think you should get 35-40...

Re: what speed should I expect?

mine only got 27 completely stock so I haven't been super optimistic

Re: what speed should I expect?


Re: what speed should I expect?

seriously? that hardly seems worth the time and money.

I should have bought the 64cc polini back when they were under $170

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