DOES europe know about us?

so do the europeans know about us?

are we a joke to them?

do they care?

are they laughing at us being a decade behind them?

do they know we want parts?

do they care we want parts?

why are the turks the ones with drop jaw mobys

why hasnt anyone here done the double av10 thing?

Re: DOES europe know about us?

Over here everything is for sale in stores , over there you need to fabricate it if you want it bad enough. I remember walking in Istanbul in the 70's and you could get anything fixed right in the street while you're waiting. Eye glasses , watches ,typewriter, your shoes, just about anything.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Re: DOES europe know about us?

I am from Europe. Exactly from Skopje, capitol of Macedonia.

I have Moped Army stickers on both my mopeds (Solex 3800 and ROG Pony Express with Puch E50 engine) and on my helmet.

But, I think that I'm the only one around here that knows about MA.

About the joke question, I think that I'm joke to some folks here but they are even bigger joke to me when I drive faster in the city traffic and consume much less fuel then them in their cars.

About the parts, we have here plenty new and cheap Tomos parts that can be fitted on Puch E50 and also plenty of Tomos moped on the streets. Two weeks ago I bought new Tomos piston with L type rings for less then 10US$ that fitted perfectly on E50. That's cool!

Re: DOES europe know about us?

everyone in europe is just doing wheelies all day long to house music that they don't have time to think about america.

Re: DOES europe know about us?

Well, I care about you. Most of the rest is too pre-occupied with binge drinking. As the average age of a Dutch moped-rider is about 16-17yrs old, most don't really care about their vehicle and only buy tuning stuff to be the fastest of the school.

There is a small group of enthousiasts however. I think that group is smaller than the MA group tho.

I do know you want parts, and I do care. Unfortunately for you, I have a life of my own so I can't gather parts for you 24/7 :P

Oh, and I do laugh at you sometimes. Just for shits & giggles :P

Re: DOES europe know about us?

Hello Skopje! My wife loves your city.

As to the laughing: last time I was in Munich I showed the guy I was staying with a picture of my Ciao and he laughed and said "eine mofa!" But then it turned out they had one in the garage, so make of that what you will.

Re: DOES europe know about us?

Whenever I ask my German friend to track down some parts for my Sachs, she doesn't want to be involved. lol She willingly does it for my BMW, so that probably says something.

Re: DOES europe know about us?

that says it all. we are all basically a bunch of kids here in america.

Re: DOES europe know about us?

mopeds r not cool in Europe.... you only have a moped if ur a kid or really old.

the reason everything was done there b4 here was because they have had a small bike culture longer than we have. small bike popularity is a newer infantile trend in the states.

no one in Europe wants mopeds...50cc scoots r where its at.. but that still make u lame or under 16.

its just like here.. who in the usa thinks mopeds are cool?...1% Europeans don't care, Americans don't care either... only ppl with mopeds care. thats why it seems like they don't know about us, cuz the group that u are referring to is very small and scattered.

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