tomos A55 questions..

hey guys, so ive been looking into all the usual stuff about making my tomos st a little faster, ive come across the usual two, new exhaust and new sprockets, many many times. i was reading this review online that some guy did for the 2008 tomos st, same thing i have and heard him mention cutting away the intake restriction. i didnt even know there was an intake restrictor?! am i just a dumbass and thats something everyone knew but me? please share some knowledge with me. is this an easy thing to do? thanks...

heres an excerpt from the review i read:

'...The jewel in the crown is the A55 engine. When first sold it went 28 mph, but now goes 37 with the intake restriction cut away and a smaller 28 to 22 tooth rear sprocket change. Even with the higher gearing it accelerated better in the Myrons parking lot reaching 30 instead of 27 mph in the same distance. With the super low stock gearing low gear only lasts for 2 seconds at 8mph, so it was more like a one speed. Now it shifts in about 4 seconds at 14 mph....'

Re: tomos A55 questions..

Raymond Wright IV /

the sprocket alone makes you go 37.

the air box just restricts a little.

i saw little difference in my moped when i put a K&N filter on.

Re: tomos A55 questions..

the drifter /

i have a 07 sprint and put on the exhuast and sprocket and get 40. Im told that if you change the exhaust then you need to upjet to prevent from running to lean. Like our friend said above the filter doesnt make to much diff and i think thats what he meant by intake restriction.

Re: tomos A55 questions..

You need to replace the stock filter with a K&N or Uni-filter, install some kind of performance pipe, rejet to match the filter and pipe, and go to a 22 tooth sprocket. You should get over 40 mph. Peace. Jerry.

Re: tomos A55 questions..

Raymond Wright IV /

exactly what jerry said.

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