holy rebuilding an engine crapness

So i am use to my bad luck with stupid car stuff. Was hoping mopeds would be different

First i had to deal with a bearing mix up for my rebuild. Got that resolved

Go to work and in my hastiness i forget to put the spacer on that goes between the bearing and crank another half an hour prying the things off and another half putting them back on

I space out and use the bathroom while the small half of my vespa case is on the stove getting ready for the crank. Shit melts that was pretty funny

Now i'm done almost the new woodruf key is of and isn't lining the fly wheel up proper AWESOME

kinda got that fixed/ignored. Go to put my polini variator on the first ramp disk is to small to accept the crank its stuck on and wont come off now heating it up on the stove HOPE IT DOESN'T MELT

Re: holy rebuilding an engine crapness

welcome to the world of 2 strokes lol

Re: holy rebuilding an engine crapness

120 dollar crank is now fucking ruined becuase the plate would not move and bent coming off.

Fucking awesome

Re: holy rebuilding an engine crapness

Having a jolly good time huh Mike?

Re: holy rebuilding an engine crapness

i meant variator not crank but yeah i'm pissed sent about 10 emails to differnt people at polini fucking shit is stupid. It fit so snug it too a tons of stove heat and pb blaster to get it off...... and its bent the fuck up.

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