NH moped laws question

Okay i was looking at the laws on the NH site and it states that a drivers or motorcycle icence is not required to operate a moped if you obtain a special moped icence. What do you have to do to gain this icence? What all is involved to qualify? I am 20 years old and have an instate mailing address. I do not currently hold a class D drivers licance because in my state i just barely fail to meet the vision requirement.

Thanks for all the help

Re: NH moped laws question

i forget... man i remember almost taking it when i was younger. i remember it being very similar to the drivers test... the written is all the same questions and there may or may not be a practical. probably something you could pull off.

Re: NH moped laws question

Thanks for the info. I will call the DMV when i get my phone from home. I would guess that it is a test to make sure that i know the traffic laws and specifically moped regulations.


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